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Series » B » Big Wolf on Campus » Season 1 » Episode 3

Big Wolf on Campus Season 1 Episode 3 - Butch Comes to Shove

Release year
Comedy, Action, Horror
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As Tommy beats Merton at a video game, Hugo prepares the detention film for the next day, should any student be sent there. As it turns out, Tommy and Merton are unwittingly sent to detention the next day, and as Hugo turns on the projector, he opens a portal for the film's antagonist, a young man named Butch, to escape into the real world. Tommy and Merton are confused, but they soon realize what happens as Butch begins to hit on Stacey, and they figure out that Butch is just as dangerous and deadly as his film counterpart. Then they realize Butch's plan... to take a beautiful girl from the real world back into the film world with him, but Tommy and Merton barely stop him. However, Butch is much tougher than he looks. Will Tommy and Merton stop Butch from accomplishing his mission?