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Series » B » Big Wolf on Campus » Season 1 » Episode 4

Big Wolf on Campus Season 1 Episode 4 - Cat Woman

Release year
Comedy, Action, Horror
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As Hugo finds a strange cat in the building at night, Tommy is hit with shocking news the next day. Stacey tells him that she only wants to be friends, but Tommy is having a tough time accepting such an arrangement. On rebound, Tommy decides to focus his attention on a new foreign-exchange student called Carole. Although Tommy is a bit happy getting to know Carole, he realizes that he just isn't over Stacey yet, and he decides to tell her. However, he just has to mention Stacey's name as he does, and Merton soon begins to suspect that Stacey is a cat woman. He informs Tommy of the notorious jealousy of cat women, and it hits them like a bunch of bricks that Carole is going to harm Stacey! Although Tommy and Merton save Stacey, they must now deal with Carole, and cat women are much tougher than they look...